So cute, so red, he has some beautiful teeth…we are speaking about Azu, the fox of course!

Today, a GIF to introduce to you this kitsune, inspired by the japanese mythology : he’s both a loyal companion of Sukane and his ally during the fights. Here you have a sample of his mimicking…

To make more attractive and promote an indie video game is quite complex : this is a real job!

So naturally, we have our own PR manager to complete successfully this task : we  hadn’t presented her to you yet!

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Addon and Stunfest 2018

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Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been a long time since we last posted on this blog but we are back and better than ever! Back in May, we were at Addon…

Utopiales 2017

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Hey! Last week we were showing Samurai Riot at the french Sci-Fi Event "Les Utopiales", and (like each year :D) it was beyond awesome! Thank you all for your suport...

Version 1.1.0 – Major Update

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Great News!!! We just added Cloud Saving AND... We are proud and happy to announce that Samurai Riot is now playable on LINUX!! Major addition: Cloud Saving is now active!...

Version 1.0.2 – Patch Notes

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Added: The default fury level in a PvP fight is now 1 gauge. Added: The dialogues can be skipped by pressing Space. Added: Sukane’s shuriken (Azu) is more powerfull. Added:...