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Back from Toulouse Game Show 2016!

By 30 November 2016Life of the studio

Those 2 days at the Toulouse Game Show were awesome and a lot of you tested our brand new demo of Samurai Riot! Our 2 test stations were full the whole week-end! Thank you!

Here comes the High Scores and the photos of the week-end 😉
– Saturday morning : 2048 for team Lorfo
– Saturday afternoon : 2244 for team Bourrrin
– Saturday evening : 3198 for team Les Noobs

– Sunday morning : 2624 for team Dornolmae
– Sunday afternoon : 2664 for team Black Scientists
– Sunday evening : 2618 for team Semi-croustillants

And of course, a BIG THANK YOU to Indie Game Zone for the invitation and the organisation!

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