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Comic Strip #11 : script writing problems

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Hi everyone,

It’s not easy to find “inspiration” while writing a script for a video game! Every writer got his little tricks to beat the blank page syndrome. Sometimes it’s very effective and sometimes it’s not…

Let’s look at this in the Wako Comic Strip #11!

Comic Strip #10 : Creation cycle in video games

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Hi everyone!

Game developers go through many phases while they’re working on a video game!
Sometime things are just fun and easy and sometime it can be a real mess!

Let’s look at this in the new Wako Comic Strip!

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Comic Strip #09 : Create a new attack !

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Hi everyone!

For the past weeks we’ve been concocting relentlessly and with discretion a panoply of exclusive content as part of a very special, yet exciting event for the whole team, which we hope will be special for you too!

In four days, you will finally discover more about Samurai Riot.

In the time being, have a look at BD#9 and please stay tuned, as this is only the beginning! 🙂