Evry Game City

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Hi everybody!

We’ve just come back from the first edition of Evry game city and let me tell you it was awesome!!

We met a good number of Streamers and journalists who have been very interested in Samurai Riot. The audience was very friendly and enthusiastic too!

Through the event we had the opportunity to be on O’gaming TV and we also answered your questions during the Geek Morning.

In the afternoon we were invited on the set of Talk Shoam so as to discuss the position of indie French games on the video game market. The program was a live show, but a rebroadcast should come in the nest few days.

Once again, we wish to thank Capital Games which invited us for this event and took a pretty good care of us 😉

Our forthcoming convention will be the StunFest in RENNES on next May 22nd : we’ll talk about it very soon then!!

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