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Nihon Breizh Festival 2015

Our warmest thanks to all those who came to visit us during this Nihon Breizh Festival 2015, it was awesome and we really liked talking about Samurai Riot, beat’em-up and cooperatives games.
Brittany hospitality isn’t a legend and the staff paid very special attention to us the whole weekend; we’ll be back for sure!

We’re really glad that we got to meet Dr Lakav again. A really big thank to him for his kindness and precious advices!

At last, for those who came to meet us after seeing our Samurai Riot poster at the WarpZone bar: a lot of « pioneers » cards are available for you on the counter if you ask nicely for it! So, it’s time to pay them a visit if you want to receive Evil Sukane, gogogo!

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