Addon and Stunfest 2018

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Hello everyone!

Yes, it’s been a long time since we last posted on this blog but we are back and better than ever!
Back in May, we were at Addon and Stunfest. The two events were really well done, it was amazing! Big thanks to the organisers, volunteers and everyone who came. We had a great time meeting new people, it was a real pleasure and we hope to see you all again soon! Here are some of the photos we took  !

Thanks again and see you soon!

P_20180518_102656_vHDR_Auto P_20180518_120628_vHDR_Auto P_20180517_103144_vHDR_Auto

Utopiales 2017

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Last week we were showing Samurai Riot at the french Sci-Fi Event “Les Utopiales”, and (like each year :D) it was beyond awesome!
Thank you all for your suport and enthusiasm!

Version 1.1.0 – Major Update

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Great News!!!
We just added Cloud Saving AND… We are proud and happy to announce that Samurai Riot is now playable on LINUX!!

  • Major addition: Cloud Saving is now active!
  • Major addition: The game is now available for Linux!
  • Added: The cooperative attack gauge is filling up a little faster.
  • Added: When full, the cooperative attack gauge is draining more slowly.
  • Fixed: The infinite shaking of the camera won’t happen anymore when an enemy attack simultaneously with Sukane’s bomb.
  • Fixed: The fury icon has been correctly positioned in the “command list” menu of Player 1.

Version 1.0.2 – Patch Notes

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  • Added: The default fury level in a PvP fight is now 1 gauge.
  • Added: The dialogues can be skipped by pressing Space.
  • Added: Sukane’s shuriken (Azu) is more powerfull.
  • Added: The “Rhynoceros” combat school is more effective.
  • Added: Sukane’s air attacks are more powerfull.
  • Fixed the dialogues occurrence issue.
  • Fixed: USB devices are no longer considered as unknown controllers after a game over.
  • Fixed: The fury is now correctly indicated in Player 2 command list.
  • Fixed: Azu can now attack as a shuriken if released during a jump or a run.
  • Fixed: Azu won’t disapear after a grab on a unblockable ennemy if Tsurumaru is already grabbing it.

Version 1.0.1 – Patch Notes

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  • Added Story choices with keyboard by pressing the 1 and 2 keys without the num pad.
  • Added compatibility with more game controllers.
  • Added testers in the game credits.
  • Fixed the ennemy red HIT frame that were going over players when performing a grab attack.
  • Resolved issue where you were able to kill a player with grenades or poison after the end of a PvP fight.
  • Fixed the co-op gauge reset after a screen change in the same level.
  • Fixed controllers issues after a disconnection and reconnection.
  • Resolved issue where some USB devices were considered as unknown controllers.
  • Fixed controller issue by forcing controller to player 1 when only one game controller is connected.
  • Fixed typos.

Comic strip #27: Samurai Riot is OUT!

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Hey everyone,

We did it!! After 3 years of hard work, Samurai Riot is now playable on Steam. Our childhood dream just came true thanks to your enthusiasm and your support, we couldn’t be more grateful!

Now, it’s time to have fun. So, order some sushis, make yourself comfortable with (or without) your partner, plug in your favorite pad and be ready to FIGHT! 😀

Visit our Steam page by clicking on the strip, or here! 🙂

Samurai Riot OST : Spider Forest

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Because the screams of your ennemies will not be the only music to your ears, lest’s have a glimpse of SamuraiRiot OST with “Spider Forest”!