Comic strips #26 : The playtests

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A few months ago, we were launching Samurai Riot’s beta. But in the end, how does playtests work from a developer point of vue? 🙂

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Japan Expo 2017: Best Scores and photos!

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As always, it’s time for a little debrief of our last event!

This time, we went to Paris, to present Samurai Riot at Japan Expo for the very first time. And it was totaly crazy! The organisation was perfect thanks to Indie Bird Communication, we met a lot of new indie devs friend and the public was just awsome! In two words: THANK YOU!!

And now, let’s show some photos and all the Best Scores of this fantastic Japan Expo 2017! 😀

Tsurumaru and Sukane as seen by Jakub Rebelka

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Hi guys!

Let’s discover the artists behind SamuraiRiot with a little drawing session around the main characters of the game!
Today: Tsurumaru and Sukane as seen by Jakub Rebelka, who did the cover art and much more surprises in-game… But that’s another story. 😉

The playtests are progressing well!

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Hey guys!

It is almost Easter and our egg bug hunt is in full swing! The playtests are progressing well and we’re really excited about seeing Samurai Riot finally reaching its final shape 😀

A very big THANK to our fearless beta testers for their time and their fantastic stamina!