Hi everybody!

The character of Sukane went by differents steps of conception.

After the creation of a first character design, we had to simplify the lines for the animation. So we did a lot of researches to define the final result of the sprite.
You can see below some of the steps that leads us to the Sukane you know today!

At our last presentation, we showed you the “pilgrimage path” following up to the “Imperial Road”. We have today decided to give this “Imperial Road” out to you!

This road just takes place after the Shogun’s Castle, when our heroes have just received their mission assignments.

See you very soon for more information about Samurai Riot!

As promised, here’s the video of the illustration of Tsurumaru in time-lapse.

The seven hours of work on painting the character have been condensed into this 6-minute short version and we do hope you’ll enjoy it!

Best viewing to you all.