Many of you came to meet us this weekend and it was a real pleasure to talk about Samurai Riot with you guys!
For a first year, Japan Tours Festival did a fantastic job, it was AWESOME!!

A great big thanks to Norman Gen1us and Kayane for their time and kindness; to the cosplayer’s good mood and to all the AVALIËA team (web serie) for their energy and motivation (seriously, those guys are just great!).

Thank you for your support, we really look forward to seeing you again at forthcoming conventions!

Hello everybody!

When talking about Samurai Riot people always say that the game is halfway between traditional Japan and Science-Fiction.
So we’ve agreed yo present to you (at last!) this SF world with a very first overview of one of the squares of Bridge Town, the imperial city!

Right outside the imperial fortress streches the great city of Bridge Town, famous for its vertical architecture, its air routes… and its public baths.