Today you’re going to discover a new scenery.

We are on the 1st level, the « Pilgrimage path», in an unreleased piece of the path setIf you played with our demo, this place is located just after the big tree you can see at the end.

You’ll go there before meeting the rebel chief you are sending to fight.

It’s been a long time without introducing a new character now…and this is a new year so we wanted to present you some fresh content!

The team is working a lot to produce a new demo, and is preparing also the Steam Greenlight campaign!  So, now…a piece of what you’ll be able to discover very soon ^^

Let’s discover a new character, an ennemy : the Tonfa Fighter!

This is a great fighter with a more “street” style and  some powerfull fighting methods! A few distinctive features we can reveal you:
– she’s as good in defense than in attacks.
– she has blockages with conters.
– she’ll be able to attack players in the air with a devastating dragon punch!

Hello !

New year, new comic!

And we’re going to present you Claude, our 2D animator. But how does work a Claude exactly?