Hey everyone, we spend 3 days at the Japan Tours festival (France) where we introduced…the last new demo of Samurai Riot!

Nice reception from you, especially about the gameplay, the music and and the world of the game  (thaaaanks ^^)

Always glad to get your feedbacks as the release of the game is getting closer everyday, and the Greenlight campaign on Steam will start on  the 22 of march.

Thank you to the festival and also to the french blogger Petit Chef Otaku who intensely tested the game (he rocked the score!).

The actual world of work has invented a nice one : the trainee guy!

Trainees are soooo good, especially if you’ve got many imagination ^^

Enjoy this one!



Here we have a beautiful scenery, Sky City.

This is a city in a futuristic atmosphere, contrasting with all you have seen before, much more traditional.

Sky City is the last city belonging to the New Horizon Clan, and also one of the last levels of Samurai Riot…

How do you sharpen your inventiveness when you’re working for 2 years on a project?

Let’s find it, guys! Enjoy the last  episode written by Yatuu…^^