Hi guys!

Last week-end, we attended PAX East at Boston and it was amazing!!
Thank you all for your warm welcome, your enthusiasm and your feedbacks! We were really happy to be able to show you the demo of #SamuraiRiot!
Off course, as for GCA in San Francisco, we will be working on a video report of our stay in Boston in the weeks to come, so you can experience or re-experience PAX East by our side. 😀

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Hi guys!

Meet Scan, Damien and Yahoc at PAX East – Boston this week-end (from March 10 to March 12) and test the latest demo of Samurai Riot! 😉

Hi everyone!

Last week, we attended Game Connection America in San Francisco (the convention took place inside the AT&T Baseball stadium, neet!). It was so great that we decided to work on a little extra…

In the weeks to come, we will upload a complete report in a Vlog form of our stay in California, so you can discover the whole event by our side! 😉