Our studio

Wako Factory is an independent Nantes-based development studio that seeks to
explore the social relationship present in the practice of video games.

Our story

Wako Factory

After Samurai Riot – a game that carried the banner of cooperation and local shared gaming (couch co-op) – our recent research on the “Care Wave” in Game Design and our VR work on empathy motivate us to go further by investing in projects that are close to our hearts both professionally and personally.
Members of the board of Atlangames (the association of video game professionals in the Western region), we have also been supported from the start by the Creative Factory, a Nantes support program intended to accelerate the production of innovative cultural projects.


We belong to the Atlangames professional network which brings together video game professionals from the Pays de la Loire and Brittany regions.


Our company is a Cooperative and Participatory Society. We make it a point of honor that each member of our studio has a say in important decisions of the company.


The Wako Factory team devotes part of its activity to the research and development of new technical solutions.

Meet our team


Charlotte Bernard-Delicourt

After studying at the Beaux-Arts and specializing in visual communication, Charlotte joined the video game industry in 2011, as a lead artist at Playrion.
Game artist then producer at Wako Factory for 7 years, Charlotte also teaches narration and storyboarding at Ynov Nantes, as well as agile project management at the Ecole du Design.
Charlotte was a member of the board of the association of video game professionals Atlangame from 2017 to 2022.
She received the Josephine trophy for innovation in 2022, for her work at Wako Factory and her investment in associations.

Thomas Ciampossin

The studio's latest recruit, Thomas joined Wako Factory in 2021 as a work-study developer, for a period of 2 years.
Thomas is a student in the Bachelor cycle at the CNAM ENJMIN school in Angoulême.
Game & UX Designer

Adrien Bernard

Graduated from a Master in Game Design, he participates in the development of the
very noticed "A journey of Me" released in 2014 before joining Wako
Factory in 2017.
A specialist in storytelling and ergonomics, Adrien participates in the many
projects that the studio realizes in service.
He also teaches Game Design at Isefac Bachelor and UX Design at Webstart/MJM.
Game Designer

Julie Boudaud

Julie completed all of her internships and work-study programs at
Wako Factory. She is currently in Montreal, Quebec,
in a VIE contract to study the possibilities of a subsidiary for the
Lead Developer

Marion Denmat

Passionate about the video game field, Marion approached Wako Factory during the pre-launch tests of Samurai Riot, the studio's first game.
Marion officially joins Wako Factory on a permanent contract in 2020 after a master's degree in computer development carried out on a work-study program which began in 2018 within the studio.
She is also a member of the Board of Atlangames, delegate for education.
2D Artist

Chaïnèze D'almeida

Graduated with a Bachelor in Game Design, Chaïnèze joined the studio in 2021 during an internship. She continues her studies at the Ecole de Design Nantes as an alternate in illustration and game design at the heart of Wako Factory for a period of two years.
Business Developer

Luna Delacroix

After a few years of experience as a bartender which allowed her to develop her human and commercial skills, Luna resumed her studies to earn her Business Developer diploma.
She then joined the Wako Factory team in the spring of 2023 to work in a field that fascinates her: video games.

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