Succu’bus is a narrative choice-based game where the player meets people and helps them answer their queries about friendship, love and sexuality, in a colorful and fantasy universe.

Nikky’s a pastry-loving and France-enthusiast Succubus coming from an alternate world called Spirescifer. In the company of her imp Charles, she puts her relationship counselling skills to good use through a road-trip on the Succu’bus all over the Amoriter continent to praise benevolence, inclusivity and la joie de vivre. 

The narration of Succu’bus is made up of Consultation Stories and a Main Story, each based on a multitude of branching scenarios to discover through episodes. Each choice the player makes will have consequences on the characters and their relationships.

Based on testomonies and close collaboration with psychologists and associations, the Consultation Stories focus on people who seek advice on difficult and sometimes taboo subjects. The player’s role is to advise them, taking into account the patients’ context and the player’s own sensitivity and knowledge of the various subjects such as boundaries, gender identity and consent.

…and funny times. Throughout her adventure, Nikky will be facing new challenges relevant to her own personal story, leading to a better understanding of her character and of the world of Spirescifer.

And throughout their road-trip, Nikky and Charles will stay at different Amoriterian regions to meet their local inhabitants, discovering new cultures, ways of living and ways of thinking, all wrapped up in a “Mediterranean Punk” universe.

The climate, physics, and geographic logics are similar to Earth and fulfill the same convoluted criteria to accommodate, among other things, humanoid life.
Amoriter is inspired by the 70s. Ecology is important there and the relationship with nature is close to the Hippie philosophy.

Apart from the fantastically inspired anthropomorphic intelligent species, the fauna and flora are similar to what can be found on Earth, around the Balkan Peninsula. There may be slight variations on realism depending on the needs of the scenario (if potions are needed for example) with the addition of mythological/legendary flora and fauna but nothing too fantasy.

The Cephalonia Island is the first region of the game.
Cephalonia’s architecture and mood were inspired by French Carribean islands, Croatia and the landscapes of the Adriatic Sea.
Cephalonia’s Jungle is located in the heart of the island. The locals’ houses are built directly in thousands year old coral merging from the mangrove swamps.
The core business of Cephalonia’s Jungle is the production of Love Pearls. They’re said to bring luck to couples in their journey to build a healthy relationship.

Made of French game and UX designers, narrative designers, developers and game artists, we’re just waiting for one thing : to expand the world of Nikky and Amoriter, and welcome newcomers to this road-trip adventure!