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Version 1.0.2 – Patch Notes

By 5 October 2017October 20th, 2017Uncategorized
  • Added: The default fury level in a PvP fight is now 1 gauge.
  • Added: The dialogues can be skipped by pressing Space.
  • Added: Sukane’s shuriken (Azu) is more powerfull.
  • Added: The “Rhynoceros” combat school is more effective.
  • Added: Sukane’s air attacks are more powerfull.
  • Fixed the dialogues occurrence issue.
  • Fixed: USB devices are no longer considered as unknown controllers after a game over.
  • Fixed: The fury is now correctly indicated in Player 2 command list.
  • Fixed: Azu can now attack as a shuriken if released during a jump or a run.
  • Fixed: Azu won’t disapear after a grab on a unblockable ennemy if Tsurumaru is already grabbing it.

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